List of Selected Participants for 2023/2024


  • Daisuke Kawai
    One-stop platform to promote knowledge sharing at development sites
  • KANGEKI XR Co., Ltd.
    R&D of new communication experiences in entertainment x digital
  • curioph, Inc.
    Potential for Quality of Life Improvement Using Word-to-Word Intermediate Concept Extraction
  • cloudpanda Inc.
    Cloud technology specializing in the creation of an IT human resource development platform
  • codeless technology, Inc.
    Interface to Solve ICT System Implementation Issues in Factories, Stores, and Hospitals
  • Co−crea Co., Ltd.
    Futuristic city planning services using iSheet
  • XYLOCOPA, Inc.
    Loyalty platform that integrates and visualizes all user actions
  • Zenmetry Co.
    Establish technology to automatically determine the urgency of business chats by AI and manage them in an integrated system.
  • Yakaze, Inc.
    The Next-Generation No-Code Platform with Integrated Deep Learning
  • DeaLive, Inc.
    Online cancer-supportive care using ICT technology
  • Dots for, Inc.
    Research on the effectiveness of digital platforms optimized for rural Africa
  • Shinji Naka
    Development of a new form of hearing aid that projects remote sign language interpretation images and subtitles on see-through AR glasses
  • Nefront, Inc.
    "Indoor AR Cloud Service Research and development of IndooAR and implementation of demonstration tests"
  • Powder Keg Technologies, Inc.
    Development of automated penetration testing and repair methods for industrial control systems
  • HA-PPY, Inc.
    Promoting ICT in dentistry using AI image processing that reproduces the eyes of a periodontist just by taking a photo
  • BooQs, Inc.
    Generate and improve multilingual dictionaries using LLM
  • brightvox Inc.
    Volumetric Video dialogue system with 3D display
  • bloomix
    Research and development of AI-based character video delivery system
  • The PARCHIL Foundation
    Improvement of matching algorithms and use of large-scale language models in the app for single parents
  • polyfi, Inc.
    Digital Infrastructure for "Building Schools with the Community"
  • MarineSL Co., Ltd
    Development of a data platform for labor-saving and high-value-added production of marine equipment management
  • playbox
    Building a video analysis platform for amateur soccer players
  • Ystory, Inc.
    Development of a data-driven women's health management platform


  • ARK, Inc.
    ICT system development for food chain closed-circulation land-based aquaculture equipment
  • aipass, Inc.
    Transforming the Travel Experience with DX in the Lodging Industry "aipass for hotels".
  • AironWorks Co., Ltd.
    Development of an AI system for advanced targeted email training in cyber security
  • iiba, Inc.
    Development of a token economy-based child-rearing crowd-sourced review platform
  • IssueHunt, K.K.
    Development of vulnerability management systems for product security solutions
  • IRIS Communication, Inc.
    Development of MMI (man-machine interface) and telemetry systems for the visually impaired
  • Iwatani Research Institute, Inc.
    Testing of communication technology between a manned air balloon and the ground control for a space cruise flight project
  • AiTrax, Inc.
    Research on patented Modified Mesh Wi-Fi protocol for Wi-Fi6 support
  • a23s, Inc.
    Developing an Online Virtual Law Firm Platform to Democratize Corporate Law
  • a42 Inc.
    Smart contract-based authentication authorization device and smart lock system
  • Elcyo, Co., Ltd.
    System development for autofocus glasses with healthcare AI
  • Kisui TECH, Inc.
    Smart Agriculture ICT: New Data Platform Using Agricultural Robots
  • Nanameue, Inc.
    Building SocialFi's tokenomics in the Virtual World of Yay!
  • HarvestX, Inc.
    Research and Development of IoT Hydroponic Cultivation Control System for Improving Strawberry Yield Using ICT
  • PLANTIO, Inc.
    Digitally transform analog vegetable cultivation with ICT to build a guiding system that allows anyone to grow vegetables anywhere.
  • Prossell, Inc.
    Development of an online platform to support entrepreneurship education for upper secondary school students
  • Runtrip, Inc.
    Research and development for visualization of health promotion effects by integrating health/exercise data using ICT

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